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Scottish Football Performance Practitioners (SFPP) is an initiative set up to provide a solution to the shared recognition that practitioners within Scottish football lack a platform to facilitate development. Whilst the intentions of the group have been to overcome a problem specific to those working in Scottish football, we aim to be inclusive of practitioners working across different nations as well as different sports. 


SFPP is a non-profit group that has a small, passionate committee with experience of working in Scottish football and beyond in the areas of Medical, Sports Science and Performance Analysis/Scouting. Our primary objective is to facilitate the development of associated practitioners by providing a platform to support collaborative practice and sharing of knowledge. We believe that this will help to develop standards of practice to enhance performance.


Scottish Football Performance Practitioners has three key traits at its core:


  • Collaboration 

  • Transparency 

  • Shared practice


It is our hope that online and hosted educational sessions facilitated by SFPP encourage these three traits and help to contribute to best practice.

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